My story centers around a man, Sandip Karan, whose love for street dogs knows no bounds. His home-cum-kennel houses 40 street dogs that are mostly sick. Some have lost their legs, some suffer from liver ailments and some have cancer, but they are treated with a rare care and compassion by this self-taught veterinarian who learned his lessons while assisting veterinary surgeons for years.

Now confident enough to successfully perform surgeries, Sandip Karan is lucky to have found assistants in his mother Saraswati and wife Moumita. He says he is not doing any charity but only his duty. He does not believe in chaining the animals or caging them. They are left free to roam around and take rest in any part of his house. Quite popular in his locality in Kolkata as the ‘street dog doctor’, Sandip loves to cook food for his four-legged patients. When called to treat a street dog in a faraway place, he sometimes brings home his ‘patient’ if the situation demands ‘hospitalisation’. He ensures its safe journey to the place it came from after recuperating.

He has, till date, treated around 2500 street dogs in his own locality and around. Half of his patients had cancer–those having vincristine cancer have been cured. Not all his neighbors take kindly to his work though, he had to face their wrath on many occasions. However, that does not prevent him from dreaming of a house (he does not want to call it a shelter) for his loved ones. He is trying to raise funds for his NGO, Concern for Animal and Environment.

Street Dog Doctor

Dogs are left free to roam around and take rest in any part of Sandip Karan’s house.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan carries a patient home for treatment.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan examines a patient at his home-hospital.

Street Dog Doctor

A patient suffering from myiasis, a term used to describe maggot infestation, lying on the operation table at  Sandip Karan’s house. Maggots are fly larva that feed on necrotic and dying  tissue. Especially prone are those pets confined to the outdoors with situations in which their skin infections.

Street Dog Doctor

Surgery in progress at Sandip Karan’s house. A self-taught vet who learned his lessons by assisting veterinary surgeons for years, he treats his patients with a rare care and compassion.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan examines a cancer patient at his house.

Street Dog Doctor

A young patient is given a bath by Sandip.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan tensed during the treatment of a patient suffering from liver disease. A great number of street dogs in his area are dying due to liver ailments.

Street Dog Doctor

A patient injured by a fast-moving car recovers at Sandip Karan’s house after an operation.

Street Dog Doctor

Saraswati, Sandip’s mother, prepares food for all the patients.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan and his wife Moumita administer anti-rabies vaccine to a street dog.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan during a housecall.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan during a housecall.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan administers distemper vaccine to a dog during one of his housecalls. Canine distemper is a viral disease that affects animals living with families.

Street Dog Doctor

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan takes a meal in the midst of treatment. He lives with his mother Saraswati (left) and wife Moumita (right). He has a child, not seen in the photograph.

Street Dog Doctor

Street Dog Doctor

Dr. Rajib Ray (centre) a dentist comes to Mr. Sandip Karan’s house for a personal meeting. Dr. Rajib Ray is one of the donors to Karan’s NGO, Concern For Animal And Environment Welfare.

Street Dog Doctor

Sandip Karan is also a keen gardener.



Kaushik Sengupta is a self-taught social documentary photographer. He graduated from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata in 2002 with Honours in theatre and literature. He has since worked as a freelance photographer for Reuters and later for the Associated Press. He has been working with Drik India as a contributing photographer since 2006 and has done a wide range of social documentary photography for various agencies and organizations.

In 2007 did a preparatory course for three weeks on social issues at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. In 2007 –08 he was posted as an intern for 10 months at Drik Bangladesh where learnt photo editing for magazine and newspaper, dealing with thousands of pictures every day. In 2011 Kaushik participated in a documentary photography workshop conducted by Greg Marinovich and  Munem Wasif.  He now works as an independent social documentary photographer with Save the children, Oxfam, Action aid, Cancer foundation of India, Centre for Study in Social Science, Kolkata.

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  • Dhruv Dhawan

    Wow – what an awesome human being! In a country like India where people treat dogs as kuttas it is such a relief to know that there are people like this. I am going to help fund his cause – if anyone knows Sandip’s mobile number I would appreciate it if you could share it with me through a private message as I would like to meet him. Great Job Kaushik for bringing this story to the world!!

  • The story and the images made me cry, and also brought so much joy! This is an inspiring story that needs to be shared with all…

  • What an amazing person! The world needs more people like this whose love is genuine. The dogs are lucky to have him in their lives. Wish him and his family the best. I hope they raise enough fund. Where can we find the link to contribute?

    • Miriam

      Yes, people like this don t go shopping for things. They give meaning to life! Respect

  • Suvendu Chatterjee

    It’s a good one Kaushik ! You have added some new images to the earlier story board what I have seen at the exhibition. Suvendu/Drik India

  • Sandeep Reddy

    Lovely story. Where exactly is this man based?

  • Miriam

    wow, this is a mirricle ! I have no words. This man needs money! Can we set up a crowdfunding case? Love to hear from anybody who thinks this man is a true gift of god.

    • Elaine

      Yes. I think this man is amazing. Crowdfunding would work if he has a specific need that needs funding

  • People like this are so rare. We need more compassionate souls like Sandip in this world.

  • i8bomz1000timz

    I am so glad I found out about a person who is so selfless as to lose himself in extreme dedication to these sick creatures. As always, giving so much love requires a person to persevere in witnessing suffering. The photograph of this guy trying to deal with a patient suffering from liver disease was heartbreaking. Loving others also means sharing profoundly in their suffering. What an extraordinary man.

  • Cheers Kaushik. Your are doing best job.

  • chris basu

    sir, i wanted to contact u but couldn’t find any contact. their are many dogs near hedua park.. which are in need of very urgent treatmen. one of them is bosco one of my favorite i play bwith them feed them but when it come to treatment no one comes forward. pls sir bosco is serious injured having a fight.. i dont want to lose them.. pls let me know ur contact n pls if possible come and please help them.. chris basu

  • BleuNiessa Kameron

    Where can we send donations?

  • Bohuka Assumi Abolu

    Sir Your the best:) Thank you for always being a great person. Im proud of my dear sir.

  • Fuzail Ibrahim

    hi SIr,firstly i would like to congratulate you for the great work you are doing.Keep up the great work .And secondly ,without wasteing any much time would like you to know about a case of a street dog in our locality.It’s a female dog,for the past couple of weeks the dog has developed some kind of bacteria on its ear and its growing rapidly.She is in terrible pain.would request you if you could help her .i hope you would help her.

  • Bharath

    I have a stray dog, her name is Tina and she is 4.5 years old. Since 3 days, she was not eating well, hence I took her to the vet. The doctor took few blood samples and in the report they had mentioned leukemia “Blood Cancer”. I am totally baffled what to do here…. I need help ! I have heard that most nursing centres in bangalore that take care of strays will be euthanize. I am totally perplexed as there is no one else I can believe on to take care of her. She needs help desperately. I provide her food, she vomits out completely and other dogs, which I have will try to eat it. I cannot afford to lose her…. I love her so much. please help me here. I need someone to shelter her, give her food and medications daily. Whom can I depend on here completely ? I am ready to take all the charges for it…. I just want her back. Kindly suggest me out here. My number is 9980613164, email addr:

  • jagarti

    need urgent help for a street dog plz help him he has bite wound on his head bleeding& water is coming from it .i had no option but to urge
    contact on this no soon7376855301

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  • Swarnava Baidya

    Hare in our locality a dog is suffering for hard pain, may be his back bone is fractured for any reason.

    We don’t have this ability to help him.

    Can any one help this poor dog??


    Palashi, Ghola kachhari road, barasat


  • Antara Dey Bhowmick

    Dog in my area is bleeding profusely from her vagina. She is in lot of pain. Could you pls suggest where to take her or any medical help could be suggested. Area is Ganguly pukur on Prince anwar shah bypass connector kolkata 78. Dhakuria , BBD bag bus stand.

  • Enakshi Majumder

    Hello respected Sir/Madam I had adopted a stray dog of 4 month old and took it to the veterinary doctor for vaccinating it . After giving the first vaccine it was well and fine but after 1 month when the booster was given then after 1 day it stopped eating then I called the doctor but the doctor refused to come and 2 day it started behaving abnormally. The vaccine did something to my dog and now it have gone mad . i could not keep him in home neither could i leave him outside. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME ! WHAT SHOULD I DO ? i do not want to harm it so please someone rescue it as i could not keep him at my home he is biting and could not recognize. I love him very much, I don’t want to lose him. Please help me. Please my puppy needs treatment. Please contact me as soon as possible .


    i am feeling very heart breaking and helpless coz i have contacted many place but didnt get any responce. There is a stray dog near my place he is badly injured he lost one eye and need urgent treatment. please help me to cure him he is in pain and its hard for me to dogs in such bad condition. PLEASE HELP ME OUT. PLEASE CONTACT ME . Hope i will not feel disappoint anymore. Thank you.

  • Raj Roy

    the god of all strays. personal experience. just try to visit once and you can easily understand my words. Thanks a ton Mr. Sandip Karan Sir

  • Surajit Sarkar

    This is urgent. One dog in my area is injured, most probably by dog bite. It’s become bad infection.

    Please help. I am staying at : Mukundapur, Satabdi Park, Block D.
    Please call me at 9874244856

  • anu s

    Hi…this is urgent one dog in my area is continuously crying or weeping due to pain . I am not sure wat hpnd.just need help who can help it to cure disease.

  • anu s

    I don’t knw where u stay sir……but this dog is from Mumbai andheri east marol pipe line.. Let me knw plz its urgent.mob no. 8976377994

  • Debdip Majumdar

    Sir Its urgent. A dog has been hit by a speeding vehicle at night time and he is crying in pain. Please help me sir. My contact no is 8981456567

  • sanjana das

    sir, i need your help.
    Here, a street dog has got hurt in his leg nd is not able to walk properly from few weeks and i am also not able to take him to the doctor.
    Sir if u could advice me something then i would be very much thankful to u.
    thankyou sir.

  • shibani banerjee

    sir a small puppy need your help. he is badly injured and not able to walk. this puppy belongs from belur, howrah. please do something.

  • Rajeshwari Banerjee

    Sir a dog need ur help.he is badly injured and he not be able to care him self.Kolkata alambazar bsf 20/2 kumorpara len kolkata-700035

  • Tamil Arasi

    Hai sir i need your help, one of the stray dog has maggot infection in his neck, that dog is not familiar in my street so i cant drag him to help him, i dont know how can i help him, i knew how to treat maggot infection but the problem is he not familiar with me and he always roam somewhere else he wont stay in same place, what should i do pls help me sir, may be i can inject him with some injection to make him unconscious and then treat him of maggot infection pls suggest me a way to drag him for the treatment

  • the crimson universe

    Is there a contact number of Mr.Sandeep Karan? I already sent him a message on his facebook page but as of yet, i haven’t received any response from him. The matter is really serious. A dog in our area is in great agony … possibly an infection in his anal area. My name is Anirudh and i live near Tollygunge. There are a few vets in our area but they (in my opinion) don’t really treat stray dogs.
    My message to the author of this blog, i would be really thankful to you if you could
    help me on this issue. Also i would like to know if there are any other doctors near Tollygunge who treat stray dogs? … Awaiting your reply.
    My number 7890253006.

  • awww. touched my heart..My Salute to you Kaushik